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Hello friends, if you are a beginner and want to know about yoga then this is your best result Because here you will get all the information you want to know about yoga. In this article, I explained yoga for beginners.

I will explain briefly what is yoga, its origin, its benefit and so on. so lets start.

Everyone needs happy and healthy life but nowadays almost everyone is spending unhappy, Unhealthy and Stressful life.

At this time we have money but not peace and relax in our life which is all we want but now it’s not too hard to find that what can we do to release our stress, spend a healthy and peaceful life.

we will talk about that because we can lead a happy life with YOGA.


Yoga chakras -  Yoga explained for beginners
Yoga chakras

The word Yoga has its origin in the Sanskrit language, Yuj Dhatu, which means joining or merging your desire into the will of God.

When your soul gets to connect with God it is called Yoga. Yoga is the art of living a life. Yoga is a spiritual process in which the body, mind, and soul become one.

Yoga is a physical and mental process in which we make our body healthy and also increase our mental stability.

Yoga is not only the process of making the body healthy, but yoga is such a process by which we merge our soul with God by keeping our mind constantly.

Best definition of yoga

According to Kaivalya Upanishad

Shraddha Bhakti Yogvedhi. This means Yoga is to know the soul through, devotion and meditation.

Purpose of yoga

Girl doing yoga pose to describe purpose of yoga - Yoga explained for beginners

The purpose of yoga is to develop your overall life.

Overall development means physical, mental, social, spiritual and moral development.The purpose of yoga is for our physical development as well as our spiritual development.

Under Physical development, we build our personality and in the spiritual benefit of yoga we realizing our soul, we merge with God. And it is possible to attain salvation so that we become beyond the cycle of life and death.

Yoga increases the power of our thinking and leads us. Yoga enhances our personality and gives us a Positive Aura.

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Yoga is very important in today’s time. We can also cure ghost diseases with the help of yoga. We can relax our mind; we can make our life easy.

A survey has revealed that today people are most troubled by depression and anxiety. they are having so many high prescriptions to release their stress, anxiety, and depression but after that, they are getting zero results.

But by giving yourself some time and doing some yogic activities like meditation and some asanas, you can overcome these terrible problems.

Benefits of yoga

Mental Benefit of Yoga

Yoga gives us the property of mental happiness. In today’s time, everyone is pressurized that they do not have mental peace despite everything.

With meditation and pranayama, we can easily calm our mind Through yoga we have to remove the restlessness of the mind.

Physical Benefit of yoga

We can make our bodies strong and powerful through yoga. With yoga, we can release fat. We can cure disease through the yogic kriyas.

Yoga makes our skin glowing. Yoga practice has an important role in body health. We are able to develop physical powers through asana. By doing asana and pranayama in yoga, all the organs work smoothly.

Yoga is the art of living a healthy life. With the help of yoga, we can correct and cure the problems of our internal organs.

Spiritual benefit of yoga

We can awaken our chakras through meditation, only by which we can know ourselves that

who am I?

What is soul?

Through these processes, the union of God with the soul takes place.

Social benefit of yoga

Through meditation, we can achieve inner bliss as soon as our body becomes healthy, powerful and through yoga asanas.

Moral benefit of yoga

Yoga teaches us how to control ourselves. Improves our thought stream. It also reduces our desires because our desires are the cause of our sorrows.

Educational benefit of yoga

Yoga increases the concentration of the mind. Stabilizing our mind prevents our mind from wandering.

Types of yoga

Types of yoga - Yoga explained for beginners

Karma yoga

– Lord Shri Krishna while preaching in Bhagavad Gita says It is a human duty to do karma. Doing karma without any desire is called Nishkama Karma yoga. And this is the way to attain salvation.

Bhakti yoga

Bhakti yoga is the ultimate culmination of love. When a person worships God by disregarding the physical substances of the world, the same is called Bhakti Yoga.


Gaining knowledge in the illusion by interviewing the inner possibilities hidden in oneself is wisdom. It is called Gyan yoga


Founder of hatha yoga = Gorakhnath.

Hatha yoga is to control the mind by controlling the body. Controlling the elements by posture, pranayama, and meditation.


Founder of ashtanga yoga= K. Pattabhi Jois

This Ashtanga Yoga has been told in 8 parts. Ashtanga yoga gives us complete development such as physical, mental, spiritual through meditation and yoga asanas and kriyas.

Ashtanga yoga is very beneficial you can read my article to know its benefits – Benefit of ashtanga yoga


Vinyasa = arranging things in a special way

In this we repeat the yoga asanas by making a series in this, special attention is paid to the posture of the body as well as the breath.

Myth about yoga

Yoga is all about our physical personality

Yoga is not limited to yoga asanas to build our physical personality, it also includes our diet, our daily routine, our way of living for the development of our overall lifestyle, our way of thinking, and so on.

There are many simple yogic activities like meditation to calm your mind, concentrate, and open your chakras.

We can learn yoga through the books

Practical is necessary for some things like yoga. We cannot learn yoga just by reading a book, for that we may have to do yoga daily routine.

First We have to do yoga to get the benefits of yoga and also to teach yoga.

Yoga is just around difficult postures

Today, the person who poses in the default position is considered a yogi.

In yoga, not only different and difficult posters are given importance, apart from this there are many things like yogic activity, meditation practice so important which is more and more beneficial for everyone.

We cannot reduce and gain our fat through classical yoga

Whenever anyone gets a problem related to fat or weight, then we give our full attention to Gym, Clubs and Hard Exercises.

We think that we cannot burn fat or lose weight with yoga, but this is just a myth.
With yoga, we can reduce fat but also strengthen our internal organs and can cure many diseases.

I need to be Hindu to be a yogi

It is just a misconception that yoga is for the Hindu community or any other community that has taken the copyright of it.

The only purpose of yoga is the public welfare, not to divide people in any way.

Yogi means one who has complete control over himself social, spiritual, material, physical.

How can I do yoga because I have stiff body

Yoga is not all about only difficult poses (twisting, bending, forwarding, back bending)
It also contains many subtle exercises, so that you can take many health benefits and eliminate the stiffness of your body.

Yoga also includes many mudras in which u just need to do little effort and have bigger profit.

Pregnant lady can’t do yoga

Yoga is very useful for pregnant ladies. With yoga, we can get relief easily in many common symptoms like Morning Sickness, Painful Legs, constipation, swollen ankles, and one of the most sleeplessness.


Yes, we all know that yoga is little hard but consistency is the key of success

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Now we have learned that what yoga is, how it works, its benefits, myths, and all.
And they all have the same conclusion that there is nothing better than yoga.

You can get rid of medicines for the rest of your life from the doctor just by giving 1 hour daily to yoga.

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