Why data mining is bad – Did you know?

Hello guys, hope you are doing good. In previous articles, I tell you about data mining in simple words so as you know there are many benefits of data mining but have you know about the bad results of data mining.

Yes, I know data mining is good but also it can be bad for you so let’s explore why data mining is bad or can be bad in the future.

What actually data mining is?


It is a process in which businessmen, government, the healthcare sector, and others extract meaningful or usable data from big vital data. data mining also called Knowledgeable discovery from data(KDD).

By using different tools and methods of experts extract data according to size and quality. Let’s get to know what are the bad uses of data mining.

Why data mining is bad

It is a very useful process that helps everyone to target their customers with full accuracy and without consuming much time there are many good uses of it. but every good thing has its dark side. So take have a look at this.

1 . No privacy


Is your data private? The first and major dark side of data mining is that your data is not private. Every activity you are doing on the internet can be mined.

You are not sure about how can your data be used because the Internet just runs on man-made algorithms so the data on the internet can be tracked.

Just like – If you are interested in cricket and you explore more and more about cricket so this data can be mined by a certain site or person by using data mining tools.

After mining the data miners can use these data to promote a company or a particular product. No matter you want to buy this product or not but it just shows you an advertisement of that particular interest.

So there is no guarantee of privacy of your data present on internet.

2 . Fake data


This situation is bad for miners and promoters because there is no guarantee of the reality of data present on the internet. Anyone can spread bad and fake information over the internet for their benefit.

And miners can detect the fake information as a new trend or something else which may cause lots of rumors and confusions over the whole internet which will lead to the loss of those businesses who use fake data.

It is mostly used in competitive businesses to compete with each other and generate more income by distracting your competitor.

Take an example – Two companies A and B of mobile phones are running at the same level. to become a more successful company. A can run an agenda that generation is shifting to X company’s mobiles and when company B did their data mining they made more X mobile phones.

This can make a heavy loss for company B and profit for company A. so fake data and information is also one of the bad points of data mining.

3 . Data security issue

data mining is bad - people using data mining for bad works

when you enter your data online by using passwords or other security things then you think your data is secure and not in bad hands but it’s not true. I am clear about every data people provide over the internet is not secure it can be mined or hacked.

Your data can become the medium of financial profit for anyone. After mining your data companies can be sold your data to anyone. Data is just not your behavior and passwords but actually, data also contain your fingerprints of bank accounts and much more important things.

Example: Suppose you provide your bank account details to a cryptocurrency trading site so you think your data is only with you and the site but the second thing is that the company can sell your data to anyone who can empty your bank account in seconds.

This is a huge risk that always remains due to data mining.

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