Everything about what is Nanotechnology

Hello guys, everybody knows science and technology are taking growth very tremendously. So, here is another example of really very needed and smart technology that is nanotechnology. So let’s take have a look at What is nanotechnology.

What is nanotechnology


It is a science, engineering, and technology that is carried out in the Nano range of about 1 to 100 nanometers. This technology is a technology that tells us about the extra small things.

These extra small things called Nano. Nanoscience is a study about these Nano things so it can be used in all science fields.

There is a huge range of Nano or extra small things which cannot be seen by naked eyes. To study nanotechnology scientists made microscopes so they can study these Nano things. And can optimize these nano things in a positive manner.

With the help of nanotechnology we can manufacture products and robots of atom size by connecting these small products and robots we can make a big structure to create devices and tools which will be helpful in the agriculture sector and medical sector.

The product of nanotechnology will be better, cheaper, clean and light weighted.

Also the product of nanotechnology will be helpful in giving us a better environment better home appliances and much more.

what is Nanotechnology-Richard Feynman

Father of Nanotechnology

physicist Richard Feynman

Born on 11 May 1918

Birthplace New York, U.S

Dies on 15 Feb. 1998

How it started

The plan and conception behind this technology began with a lecture by physicist Richard Feynman entitled “There‚Äôs Plenty of Room at the Bottom” at a meeting of the American Physical Society on December 29, 1959, at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) on December 29, 1959. December 1959 The term nanotechnology was used.

In his speech, Feynman described a process in which scientists can manipulate and control individual atoms and molecules.

Over a decade later, Professor Norio Taniguchi coined the term nanotechnology while exploring ultra-precision machining. Modern nanotechnology did not begin up to 1981, with the development of scanning tunneling microscopes that can see individual atoms.

Facts about nanotechnology

Can you imagine how small this technology is? let’s see this list and decide the smallness of this technology.

  • One nanometer equals billions of a meter
  • An inch contains 25,400,000 nanometers
  •  0.1 micrometer equals 100 nanometers
  • Newspaper thickness equals 100,000 nanometers

Products of nanotechnology

Nanomanufacturing will boost the cost-effective and repeatable manufacturing of Nanosize products, structures, and devices. These materials and devices are very beneficial for next-generation because those products give higher performance with low manufacturing costs.

Difference between nanotechnology steam inhalers and normal steam inhalers

Steam inhalers made up of nanotechnology are fast in comparison to normal stem inhalers. Also, they are more functional, light-weighted, and cost-effective. Nanotechnology-based steam inhalers consume less electricity.

There are lots of products like smartphones tablets and computers etc. are made up of this technology. The device you are using to read this article is also made up of this technology.

Also in electronics nanotechnology made products of nanoscale like Nano transistors made out of nanotubes.

Information technology, Defense, Medicines, Transportation, communication, and environmental science. These are such areas where this technology is playing a massive role in its products.

Benefits of nanotechnology

This is a technology with various type of benefits in different sectors such as –

This technology can increase the efficiency of energy consumption. It also helps to clean the environment and provide better medical facilities. Advances in the treatment of diseases such as cancer. Better diagnostic and imaging tools

Energy-efficient products like fuel and solar cells. Design improvements enable efficiently, lightweight, and problem-free construction machines

Better electronics, and transistors, plasma and LED displays, and quantum computers. You can learn how to use nanobots to regenerate ozone levels, clean polluted areas and use renewable energy sources.

The products of nanotechnology are smaller lightweight and cost-effective also. Yet they are more functional and need less energy to work also they require a low quantity of raw material.

Carbon nanotubes are the result of nanotechnology which are 100 times stronger than steel and 6 times lighter than steel.

Also, current methods are expensive in the separation of Carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from the atmosphere. But because of nanotechnology, it is possible to do this type of atmospheric activity with low cost and without additional compound.

Disadvantage of Nanotechnology

image containing text DISADVANTAGE -  nanotechnology disadvantages

Nanotechnology has too many advantages but experts say that every technology has disadvantages too. Nanotechnology has environmental effects and associated risks because this technology is limited and inconsistent.

This technology requires high energy consumption or high electricity for synthesizing nanoparticles.

Some nanoparticles are toxic and highly harmful to the environment so if they disseminate they will be the reason for environmental harm for a long time.

Iron and Steel are recoverable and recyclable but nanotechnology has a low recovery rate and they are non-recyclable.

Nanotechnology requires trained engineers and highly skilled workers. Loss of jobs in the construction and agriculture sector is also the major disadvantage of this tech.

Availability of weapons of mass destruction and Better nuclear weapons. If this technology will use by bad hands this will be very destructive for any nation.

Costs for inventions and products made from nanoparticles. The products and goods made up of this technology will cost-effective but the technology requires high cost in use them

experts are believing that soil is becoming a storehouse for nanoparticles. Nanoparticles are harmful to soil and if they stored in the soil in high quantity they will deplete the soil fertility.

Thousands of nanomaterials are present in the market and humans are using them without proper clarification of them.

Future of nanotechnology

Everything about what is Nanotechnology - future of nanotechnology

In the last few years, nanotechnology has grown significantly. Nanotechnology is an area of study and research to create materials and products of the size of atoms. This technology will give us safer products for homes, industries, and agriculture.

Nanotechnology is able to fuel the efficiency of energy consumptions, can clean the environment, and solve huge health problems which are tough to solve by scientists at the current time. Also, it is said that this technology can reduce the cost of manufacturing.

Nanorobotics and nanoelectronics will made the important role in future.

Know how nanobots can treat cancer.

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