what is data mining in simple words – why data mining is best?

Hello researchers, If you are searching about what is data mining in simple words don’t worry. I will provide you the information about data mining in simple words in the easiest ways.

So, first, let’s know about its invention clearly, data mining is not a new concept and invention.

This was invented a century ago and it was noticed by the public around the 1930s. And the first data mining occurred in 1936 when ALAN TURING introduce the idea of a universal machine.

From the year 1930 to 2021 machines and devices become very smart data mining has a huge role in the business sector. They have the capability to understand the other user’s behavior, hobby, ignorance, and much more. Which is playing an amazing role for business companies.

These companies use data mining to target the actual and right audiences or customers and create more sales.

This is a pic of Data mining and what is data mining in simple words

Now understand data mining in simple words. Data mining is an activity or process to analyze and collect exact data from the vital or huge quantity of data for their users, and utilize these data in the business sector to give a better experience to customers, reduce business risks and increase the opportunity for sales also government use data mining to catch many types of data.

Advantage of data mining

1.Improve your profit

By knowing your customer’s behavior business will be done according to their customer so, it will be easy to improve profit in business.

2.Understand trends for business

With the collected data by data mining, you can easily aware yourself of the new interests and trend of customers. you can also use this data mining in simple words trick.

3.Target new customers

If you collect data with the help of data mining in simple words so, it will help you to target accurate customers for your business.

4.Identify customer choices

Interests and choices of people change regularly. Data mining tells you the current choices of customers in the market. So you can do changes in your business and can improve the business rapidly.

5.Reduce unwanted risks

Because of improper data about your customers, there are many unwanted risks. But data mining gives you proper data for your business so it reduces the market risks.

6.Increase ROI

Investing blindly is like gambling which is not good at all for business. Because of Data mining, you exactly invest where you get the maximum (ROI) Return On Investment.

Brief description

In today’s world, Data mining is essential for every business because data mining provides information to businesses about its users. So businessmen can select and target their actual audience or customers.

Data mining boost business by giving them estimated result of their sales or anything by analyzing past activities.

A successful business can only be made by taking the right decisions in the organization and businesses to take the right decision when you have a proper insight into your business.

When you have a big amount of data then it seems hard to extract incites from it. Data mining provides you exact predictions that what will happen in the future if you take XYZ actions.

Ex- If you are promoting a product to your customers then Data Mining tells you that what changes you can do with your product showcasing. And your customer’s response on it. IOB internet of behavior is part of data science. This is the best example of data mining in simple words.

Advantage conclusion

Means Data mining tells around everything about your business on the basis of past or future customer profiles. And by knowing your customer’s response and their behavior about the product you can do changes for a better (ROI) return on investment.

Data mining in simple words
data science
Importance of DATA MINING in business

Data mining process

Business research – Business research is necessary for data mining. First, we have to research our business goals, resources, requirement, and condition. by doing this business can decide which type of data it needs.

Data quality

Since data is collected from various sources, it needs to be checked and matched to ensure that there are no interruptions in the data integration process.

Any inherent discrepancies in confidential information transmission, such as quality assurance data, help keep data in peak shape before mining.

Data cleaning

Data cleaning simply means selecting, cleaning, and anonymizing the collected data.

Data transformation

It contains Data Smoothing Data Summary Data Generalization Data Normalization Data Attribute.

Data modeling

To better identify data patterns, several mathematical models based on different conditions are applied to the dataset.

Data Mining used in such areas

Healthcare sector

Data mining is very useful in the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector uses data mining for best practices and better arrangements of operational equipment.

By data-mining healthcare sector predict the actual number patient of every category. Data mining can provide the operation and operational equipment at the right place and at right time.

Market sector

This type of data mining called Market basket analysis. Market basket name shows that it is about market analysis. This technique of data mining tells us about those types of products which purchases with another group of items.

Ex – When a person buy a “beer” so he is more likely to buy a “packet of chips”.

This type of analysis called market basket analysis. It is very useful for retailers to capture the behavior of customers and then the retailer can design his shop and his products according to customer behavior.

Educational sector

Data mining is very useful in the educational sector for the better future of students and for a better country.

Data mining in the educational sector tells us about how their students can perform which type of study is beneficial for students on the basis of past results by data mining.

Data mining tells which method of learning is most effective for students and which field is most likely by students.

So institutions can modify their system and can make the right decision. Just like how they should teach students how much they should teach in which environment they should teach etc.

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Data mining in future

what is data mining in simple words - data mining future

Data mining is currently used by almost every sector of the economy for better results more efficiency also data mining is used by social sites, digital platforms, and ever-growing businesses but because of some factors, data mining is not used properly by everybody.

Why data mining is not properly used and what reasons why data mining will use always by everybody?

Look, local businessmen, hospitals, and companies do not use data mining because they are not aware of it, and some of the local businessmen and hospitals have no idea that how can they do data mining in the right way.

If local businessmen and hospital doctors and other companies aware of the benefits of data mining then they will apply data mining in their fields.

In the future whole world will do data mining before providing any service or product because till 2050 the world will be technical and depend on technology so they will surely know about the benefits and right way to mine data.

Also as the population increase, the competition will also increase that’s why profit comes to those who will do data mining.

The requirement is the mother of invention so when everybody will feel competition than people find the way to reduce their competition and one of the best way to become more successful in their field.

That is why data mining will be used in future by mostly peoples.

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