What change will come to a person when he is fear and tense?

Hello guys, fear and tense is a very common problem at this current time but remember they are dangerous too. but now the ques is What change will come to a person when he is fear and tense. So today in this article I will tell you what changes occur when a person is in fear and tense.



Restless means not taking proper rest or Disquiet. the person with fear and tension has no peace and satisfaction because he is tensed and afraid.

The very first change in a person with fear and tension is restlessness.

Avoiding meal


This is also most common change of person who is afraid and tense and it’s my personal experience because whenever I feel feared I skip my meals because our mind is not ready fir that. Whenever we are fear, our mind does not feel in eating or drinking anything.

Our brain thinks only about that event, due to which we are tense or afraid. that is why we avoid or skip food until we will release that tension.


What change will come to a person when he is fear and tense - sad girl

Silence doesn’t mean that you are afraid and tensed every time a normal person could be a silent person but yes when a person is in fear, he has no interest in talking to anybody except that person who is more close to him.

An afraid person doesn’t share his problems with his family because he doesn’t want to make his family worried about him.

Most people share their bad experiences with their friends and cousins. till sharing his experience and getting a solution the person becomes very silent.

Less activity


Whenever a person is scared, he only keeps thinking about those scary moments. He does not do any other activities because he is scared.

Because fear is sitting inside him, then he keeps thinking only about those scary moments, which is why he cannot do any other activities.

No laugh

Laugh is just the opposite of fear and tension. I am not saying that a person with no laugh is tensed and afraid.

but a normal person who is not too serious is afraid or tensed if he does not laugh for a long time.

These are most common changes of a person when he is fear and tense. hope know you guys know what change will come to a person when he is fear and tense.

React immature

Fear and tension damage our think system When a person is in fear, he starts getting angry over small things. Due to fear, a person is sometimes angry and sometimes becomes completely calm.

He can’t forget the things because of which he feels fear and tension. That’s why the person who is in fear and tension behaves immaturely.

Low concentration


If you want to make progress on something, then you have to pay full attention, no matter how expert you are in it. But when you have fear inside you, you can’t pay attention to any one thing.

Because concentration requires a calm mind and tension-free. And you cannot remain calm in the atmosphere of fear and tension, that is why no fearful person can concentrate on anything.

Stay alone

a kid is alone because of fear and he is tensed

A scared man does not talk to many people nor is he able to speak so much that is why he is mostly alone. He feels that everyone does not know the reason for his rate, so neither he is able to speak his words to anyone nor does he talk to anyone because of fear and tension. that’s why he stays alone.

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