Technology on the environment – how are new environment technologies?

This article analyzes the paradoxical ideology that, although the Impact of technology on the environment has been highly negative, the concept of environmental technology could save our planet from the damage that has been done.

This idea is supported by WWF 1, which will declare that the technology is an enabler of solutions, also part of the problem.

We will start this article before knowing Technology on the environment with some disadvantages of technology because being a responsible person I have to aware of the negative points of technology over the environment.

Because the environment gives us life there is no life without the environment and because of technology we are harmed and harming the environment very worst. So here is some big disadvantage of technology.

Air pollution

air pollution - Technology on the environment

1 . Air pollution is very dangerous for the atmosphere

2. Acid rain, Global warming, Climate change is the result of air pollution

3. Air pollution is reason of Ozone layer depletion

4. Vehicles, Burning of fossil fuel and factory are source of air pollution

Water pollution

1 . Water pollution is worst for ecosystem

2. Pesticide contamination badly effect wildlife reproductive ecosystem

3. Water pollution destroy Aquatic life because of chemicals

4. It disturb natural food chain of water base ecosystem

5. Domestic waste, insecticides and pesticides are the reason for water pollution

Resources depletion

Resource depletion is another negative impact technology has on the environment. It refers to the consumption of a resource that is faster than it can be replenished.

Natural resources are those that exist without human creation and that may or may not be renewable.

There are several types of resource scarcity, the most serious of which are aquifer depletion, deforestation, mineral, and fossil fuel extraction, resource pollution, soil erosion, and resource overuse.

Environmental technologies

Despite the negative impact of technology on the environment, the recent increase in global concerns about climate change has led to the development of new environmental technologies

Which helps to solve some of the most important environmental problems we face as a business.

Towards a society with a low carbon economy. Also known as a green technology, environmental technology refers to the development of new technologies aimed at conserving, monitoring, or reducing the technology’s negative impact on the environment and resource consumption.

Electric vehicle

Technology on the environment- electric car

As I mentioned above air pollution is harmful to the atmosphere so, electric vehicles make it easier to reduce air pollution.

Electric vehicles replace normal petrol deiseal based vehicles. The oil-based vehicle is one of the biggest reasons for air pollution so an electric vehicle is like a bull’s eye in this situation.

Sunlight Transport- solar energy

Imagine if there is no need for another source of electricity because of sunlight or solar energy.

Yes! sunlight has the power to provide enough electricity to run an entire building city or country depends on the number of panels. The conversion of sunlight into electricity is a great move toward Technology in the environment


windmill - Technology on the environment

It is another great project for the green world. Windmill generate electricity using wind(air) it produces no pollution weather in past time generating electricity produce thermal production and have the risk of leakage of radioactive substance in the environment.

Smart City

Smart home technology uses devices such as connected sensors and other Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices that can be remotely monitored and programmed to be as energy-efficient as possible and meet user demands.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of objects connected to the Internet that can collect and exchange data using integrated sensor technologies.

This data enables devices in the network to make autonomous decisions based on real-time information.


Smart lighting systems only illuminate the areas where they’re needed, and a smart thermostat keeps homes at specific temperatures at specific times of the day, reducing waste.

This environmental technology was made possible by an improved internet connection due to the increased availability of WiFi, Bluetooth, and smart sensors in buildings and cities.

Experts predict that the cities of the future will be places where every car, phone, air conditioner, lighting, and more will be connected, creating the concept of smart cities that will be energy-efficient.

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