Remove stress when exams are too close – Best tricks to remove stress

In this article, I will tell you what to do when you are too close to the exams but feel unprepared what will help you to overcome the stress. Here are some tips you can apply to remove stress when exams are too close.

Do not study


If you have exams you should study but if you are stressed it’s better for you to do not to study because if you study under stress, this may convert to more stress, headache, dizziness, and many other negative effects.

So first step to reduce stress in exam time when you feel unprepared is do not study.

Listen slow-motion music

Remove stress when exams are too close - girl listening music

Listening to slow-motion songs gives you good vibes and a better environment. When you listen to music it will place you in another world the world with positive thoughts.

Music gives you quick result music refresh your mood and make you able to work you should do so you should listen to music if you are too close to your exam and feel stressed.

so you can remove stress by meditation when your exams are too close and you are unprepared.


The benefits of meditation are uncountable but reducing stress and depression and refreshing mood is one of the biggest advantages of meditation. you can practice meditation whenever you want.

Meditation gives quick results in a short time and maintains your brain full of joy and good feelings.

But understand one thing, you should practice meditation in a perfect way because 5 min of meditation can give you result for a full day. So you will definitely reduce your stress and also get prepared to give exams.

Stop overthinking


Overthinking is the most common reason for stress so stop overthinking. Because when you start overthinking it will remind your failure and when you realize your failure you feel you are a loser and you give up.

You should believe in your work and you have to be prepared for the exams with a new storm of motivation. Work in present and don’t overthink for the future.

Spent time with your friends


Spending time with friends is one of the most beautiful moments in everyone’s life. Friends have the ability to make you happy in every situation also friends can help you to find ways to crack exams.

By the way, friends are the most important part of everyone’s life so you can share everything with your friends. This will definitely disappear your stress.

So these are some ways you can reduce your stress when your exams are too close and you feel unprepared.

Take a gaming break

Playing games is not a bad thing but playing games too much is a bad thing. Gaming is also one of the best ways when it comes to mood refreshment. Playing games at the time of exams is not considered so good, but very few people know that gaming increases our focus.

And gaming takes all our attention towards itself, due to which we become stress and tension-free. And after playing the game for some time, when our mood becomes good, then we are able to study for the exam well.

That’s why if you ever feel stressed or worthless, then definitely play the game for some time.


But keep one thing in mind, we have to play the game only for a while, just to improve the mood not to get lost in that game.

Take a small ride

When you go for riding outside, the fresh air outside fills you with positive vibes. While riding you forget the tension of exams and then start remembering wonderful memories.

While riding you start thinking about your dreams and when you think about your dreams you think about making those dreams come true.

Due to which a new level of motivation comes inside you and you leave behind all the worry and stress and then you prepare well for the exam.

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