Nanobots technology in cancer treatment- Is this technology good for everyone

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In past years Nanobots are just imagination and fiction stories for science and engineer. But in current time science technology prove itself and now the whole world is believing in nanobots and waiting for them.

As experts saying nanobots can cure cancer but there are various unbelievable benefits of these nanobots like – Eye retina treatment, full-body report, every single cell’s operation, etc.

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Now let’s know how can nanotechnology will kill cancer

Nanobots in cancer treatment

Nanobots in cancer treatment
Nano robot 3D render. Medical concept future.

As I mentioned about the treatment of cancer by nanobots was just fiction but it is a real revolution and now treatment of cancer by nanobots is very near for human trials.

At this time scientist engineers and surgeons are making such type of robots which can travel in our body through the blood and can cure cancer.

The major problem in the treatment of cancer was that cancer cells and healthy cells look like same and because the scientist was not able to find the accurate cells of cancer they were unable in treatment of cancer.

When doctors treat cancer they were not accurate for cancer cells. There are many treatments for cancer cells but the actual problem with them is these treatments can harm the healthy cells of the human body.

But now because of nanobots, it is possible. Nanobots have the ability to float in the body and can find cancer cells and can do treatment of cancer cells without harming the healthy blood cells.

Nanobots are too small they are invisible to the naked eye. And they are able to target direct cancer blood cells. They are too smart nanobots can do the operation of these types of unhealthy cells(cancer cells) automatically.

They can import cancer-curing drugs for the treatment of cancer and can apply these drugs to cancer cells.

Major features of nanobots

Young age group showing immortality - Nanobots technology
Group of young peoples showing immortality because of nanobots

Naboots are a very popular topic because of their cancer-curing function but cancer is not the only problem faced by humans.

There are other functions that will place the medic and health sector to the next level.

First steps toward immortality

Nanobots are made to cure cells that is why they are too small in size so they can repair old cells and convert the old cells into new cells on regular basis.

So, it can be possible for humans to live a healthy and disease-less young life.

No blindness

A team of medical researchers announced publicly that nanobots have the ability to float inside the thick vitreous tissue of eyeballs and can cure them.

Nanobots could repair the damaged eye and install the movement of no blindness in the world.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, nanobots are real. Engineers are performing their best to make them.

No, nanobots do not exist yet, but scientists are expected that nanobots will exist till 2050.

Nanotechnology is very expensive in the research area but a scientist says that nanotechnology will be cost effective for purchase and use.

What actually nanobots are

Nanobots are the invention of science, engineers, and surgeons. The idea of nanobots was given by science.

Nanobots will be made by engineers and will be used in the field of the medical sector for the treatment of cancer by surgeons.

It seems you got an idea about the size of nanobots but do you know the accurate size of a nanobot so let me tell you. one single nanobot is equaled to one billionth part of a meter.

And the diameter of a single hair is the 100th time of a nanobot. It means human is not able to nanobot with the naked eye.

Nanobots are too small and manufacturing these kinds of robots is very difficult. But engineers are practicing hard and getting success day by day. Nanobots will update the whole world in the medical healthcare sector.

Yes! killing cancer is one of the biggest reasons for manufacturing nanobots. but nanobots are not just about killing cancer.

Nanobots are more than you think they can make you healthy in seconds. Nanobots can repair your retina.

Doctors are unable to reach every tiny part of the body so nanobots can travel in the whole body so they can operate our smallest part of the body.

Experts mentioned that they can increase the human age. This means they can extend human life unnaturally with the help of these nanobots. It will be the first step toward immortality.

Nanobots origin

Nanobots technology in cancer treatment - father of nanotechnology

The origin of nanobots comes from nanotechnology. Nanobots are a part of nanotechnology and nanotechnology is possible because of nanoscience and Nano study.

Nano study and nanoscience is all about information and experiment on extra small things. when it comes to the size of an element on which nanoscience is based then look, nano means this kind of small elements which are impossible to see with naked eyes.

Study about Nano things makes it possible to make these kinds of nanobots that can cure cancer. The father of nanotechnology is Physicist Richard Feynman. Richard gave the idea and concept of nanotechnology.

Nanobots are smaller than atoms, They are the smallest robot in the world. so making these kinds of smaller bots is challenging that’s why nanobots are not present in the current time. Engineers are performing their best to make these types of smallest robots.

Risk from nanobots

Yes, we know nanobots are very special and one of the best upcoming technology in the health sector and they will provide new heights to the health sector but as experts say these are disadvantages present of beneficial technology.

Nanobot technology contains risk factors also which can harm the human body also because nanobots are specially made to travel inside the human body and to cure cancer.

They will be preprogrammed so there is a risk of technical fault because in the end nanobots are just machines.

So technical faults of nanobots inside the human body can give negative results and because they are near to live human test this risk will always be there until the scientist makes hundreds of successful trials.

So there are many benefits of nanobots but there are some risk factor also.

Future of nanobots

Nanobots are not in use yet so the biggest question is what will be the future of nanobots and how nanobots will affect the future.

Nanobots are trending because they give us hope that nanobots can cure cancer because science has not accurate treatment of cancer but nanobots are not only for cancer they are for everything in our body because can reach every smallest part of the body.

They can reach every single cell and they can treat DNA also. The name of nanobots that can reach and operate DNA is DNA nanobots. They will especially be made for DNA.

Nanobots will able to recover and revive the human eye retina which will be the step toward no blindness in the world. Because nanobots can travel the whole body so there is the possibility for scientists to invent new ideas and can create human parts also.

Also, experts say that nanobots will cure every single cell so they can repair every human cell which is damaged by old age. So if this is possible to repair every cell of the human body than scientist can increase human age.

This could be the very first stage of technology toward immortality as I mentioned upside.

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