Is being underweight unhealthy or not

Hello guys, everybody wants to live a healthy and fit life. But there are many problems faced by human being related to health like some people are suffering from fever some has overweight and some of them are underweight so if you are an underweight person you thinks every time that is being underweight unhealthy for you

So, in this article I will tell you about is being underweight is unhealthy or not. You just have to relax and I will tell you the solutions to your problem.

Look, being underweight is not good for your health because there are many problems which you can face by this problem of being underweight.

Low weight (underweight) may cause lack of energy also underweight can be the reason of feeling tired most time. Low weight in body can cause week bones and poor immune system.

How to check

If you want to know that you are underweight or not you have to calculate your BMI means Body Mass Index.

You can calculate you BMI here.

BMI is a calculator which tells you about your health on the basis of your height and weight. If your BMI is lower than 19 it means your weight is low means you are an underweighted person.

As I motioned above that being underweighted is not quite good for your health so you should take action to overcome this health issue.

Reason for being underweighted

If BMI tells you that you are underweighted then there should be such reasons for your low weight. By working on these reasons or factors of your low weight you can become healthy and a muscular person.

The imbalance thyroid and lack of a balanced diet can be the reason for your low weight. Sometimes you eat proper food but you feel that you are underweighted.

The imbalance thyroid can be the reason for it because when the thyroid starts working slowly this causes less hungriness. So you eat little and you think you are taking enough energy.

Taking an imbalanced diet is also the reason for low weight. If you are not taking proper nutrition, calcium, protein, and other items in your diet because of any reason so this can be the reason for your low body weight.

Lack of appetite because of stress and depression and taking irregular meals is one of the biggest reasons for this problem.

If you want to reduce your stress and depression you can read my article – reduce stress level

These are some major and common reasons for low weight. So, here I will give you the solution to your problem so you can increase your weight easily.

How to gain weight in 2 days

A skinny boy with muscular shadow

Every person aims to live a healthy and happy life but low weight stops you from living a happy life. In the above article, I mentioned how can you measure your health condition by BMI and the reasons for an unhealthy and underweighted life.

So no I will tell you the points which may help you to gain weight in 2 days. They are just little and not too hard steps but play a very big role to give you a healthy and muscular life.

Gain weight in 2 days

1 . Take balanced diet – A balanced diet doesn’t mean food with high protein, calcium, vitamins, and other healthy substance in heavy quantity. A balanced diet means the quantity of protein, calcium, vitamins, nutrition in a proper and balanced manner.

which gives you sufficient energy and gain your weight sincerely according to your age, height, and your digestive system.

Most people take high-energy food to gain weight quickly but in some cases taking very high-energy food is not good for a weak body because the low weight or unhealthy person has not the proper digestive system or power to absorb high-energy food.

That’s why taking balanced diet is good option for every person who wants to gain his/her weight.

2 . Eat fruits – Fruits are also the best option to gain weight fast because fruits are tasty and you can eat at least 3 fruits in a day. Fruits are a great source of energy they provide you a high quantity of fiber, vitamins, and minerals so they provide instant energy to weak people.

Eating some fruits in a day is also quite good for your heart and full body. Everyone knows the quote “An apple in a day, keep doctors away“.

3 . Eat green vegetables – People avoid eating green vegetable because they think green vegetables are non-tasty mostly teenagers are not interested to eat green vegetable this results in weakness in the body and low calcium in bones. Green vegetables are a great source of many nutrition and potassium also provides Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

If you want to take energy and gain weight you should eat these Potatoes, squash, and winter root vegetables.

4 . Intake dairy products – Dairy products like curd and milk are very beneficial in gaining weight. The current generation is busy taking cooldrinks and other harmful substance which are very tasty but they act as a slow poison.

These harmful drinks damage our inner parts like lungs and kidneys but milk and curd give energy to the body with no harmful reaction. Dairy products like milk are essential for the body because it helps to gain weight and provide strength to bones also milk and curd in breakfast gives you energy full day.

5 . Non-vegetarian diet – If you are a non-vegetarian person so you can eat egg, fish, and chicken. These are some of the best diets to increase weight quickly.

Because these items contain heavy nutrition, proteins, calories and give you high energy. They are highly energetic and provide muscles and strength. you can grow fast by eating these items.

But also their benefits are their disadvantages also means they are highly energetic food so they can give you a muscular body but also if you take these substances in more than your capability so they can harm your body too.

The fruits you should eat

Fruits are high energy dense with good amount of carbs and calories they are such a great choice to gain weight.


When it comes to gain weight banana is one of the best options for everybody because they are a great source of carbs and calories which gain your weight with boost.

Note – If you are a patient with diabetes then eating banana may increase your sugar level so first consult your doctor that banana is good for you or not and if banana is good then in which form you should eat it


Such a great source of nutrition also it contains an excellent quantity of calories which make avocados better choice to gain weight. Also, they have a nice taste and you can use them as a soup or salad.


They are very special because they are excellent in taste and a great source of nutrition they also contain such a good amount of calories.

Note – If you have skin problems like pimples and rashes then having extra mangoes may increase your problem. So you should eat them in limits and in other forms like you can use them as a salad or can make shakes of them.

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