How to lose weight by exercise – Become fit and lose weight in just a week

Want to lose weight and become fit and fine so you are on the right blog. Because today I will tell you about lose weight by exercise just in a week. You just have to read the proper blog with concentration.

Excess of body weight is not only the most common problems face by people but it is one of the most dangerous situations of the human body. Before knowing how to lose weight by exercise let’s take have look at this data.

Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. In U.S adults are very affected by excess weight. (49.1%) adults in 2013-2016 practiced losing their weight. Women have a high percentage which tries to lose weight and men are less in percentages Women were (56.4%) and men (41.7%).

Excess body weight leads to obesity. In U.S. year 2015-2016 approx. 40% of adult had obesity and obesity may cause by very harmful disease like-

Reducing weight by exercise is the most common solution adopted by peoples after eating less food. Exercise has many benefits like reducing stress change mood provide mental stability. So, now talks about how to lose weight by exercise. Here is some exercise which will help you to lose weight.

Yoga exercises

Yoga has one of the best solutions for losing weight quickly and without any risk. yoga reduces weight as well as it will reduce your stress too. Yoga provides you mental peace and a strong body also. So, here are some yoga exercises to lose weight.

  • Plank pose
  • Boat pose
  • Sun Salutations

These are some yoga exercise to lose weight that works amazingly in weight loss. Yoga reduces heart disease and balances blood pressure and there are many other benefits of yoga.

Lose weight exercise-Cycling

Cycling is popular in lose weight by exercise. Cycling is an exercise that improves body stamina and also increases body strength. It is an exercise with fun mostly kids or Childs have no problem of excess weight because kids practice and enjoy cycling. But cycling gives them benefits of body strength and full-body fitness. Also, it gives the same results to adults.


Cycling is an outdoor exercise. It refreshes your mood of yours. But you can join the gym and start cycling inside the gym or you can install a stationary bike at your home.

Weight training

Weight training is another most effective method to lose weight by exercise. Weight training helps you to burn your fat also this training strengthens your bones provide shape to your body and improve muscle mass. This training burns your calories and if you do weight training with consistency you will surely lose weight. These are some exercises which reduce your weight.

  • Circuit Training
  • Squat
  • Push Ups
  • Dumbbell Row
  • Bench Step Ups
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