How to gain weight in 2 days – Easy and safe tips

Hello guys, today I am gonna give you some cool tips which will be helpful in your entire life. you just have to sit relax and take advantage of this article which is about how to gain weight in just 2 days.

Everybody wants a muscular and fit body. But the problem is most people in the world are unfit and not satisfied with their body structure and want a healthy and muscular body.

So if are one of them now I am here to give you a muscular and healthy body. Low weight or underweight is the biggest problem of most people.

Mostly teenagers and youngster wants to gain weight to enjoy a healthy life. But gaining weight is pretty hard it took some time for everyone to gain weight.

You don’t have to worry about it because in this article I will tell you how can you gain weight in just 2 days with some tips.

At very first we have to know that this is a world of competition where everyone wants to beat others hence, there are many fitness freaks who are absolutely fit and fine but they want some extra and can be harmful to the body because they try to gain more and more and too much of everything is bad.

So first you should know how much weight you should gain.

How much to gain

BMI is a body health calculator which is able to calculate your weight is enough or not by measuring your height and weight.

This is the best technique ever because it gives you accurate results. and also it suggests to you that how much weight you should gain.

After calculating your BMI if the result is lower than 18.5 it means you are underweight and you should increase your body mass (weight).

If the BMI will 18.5 to 24.5 then you are a healthy and normal person you don’t have to increase your weight.

Person with BMI more than 25 is over weighted and he should work on it to become a healthy person.

So if your BMI is under 18.5 and you are underweight, want to increase your body weight then you should read and follow these scientific tips.

Reasons of underweight or low weight

how to gain weight - Girl skipping meal
Skipping meal

1 . Improper meal – Skipping meals or improper meal is one of the biggest and common reasons for being underweight you should take your meal in a regular way. Most teenagers skip their meals because of games and social media and elder people because of their work.

You should take proper meal for better performance of body and bulky body physique.

2 . Thyroid – In the case of low weight, it is an illness that resists you to eat proper food. An overactive thyroid is a reason for weight loss. When your thyroid gland produces more thyroxine it leads to weight loss.

3 . Digestive system – Poor digestive system leads to acidity and gas in which you are unable to eat hard food and high energy food.

4 . Stress – Stress is the root of many diseases and problems one of the biggest problems that occurs because of stress is low body weight. Stress results in not taking proper meals, low body performance, and lack of concentration which disturb the body very badly.

So you should try to be happy because happiness is key of healthy body.

5 . Disease – There are lots of diseases like diabetes, cancer aids and much more which make you empty from inside and very you realize about these diseases you get captured by them.

So you need regular checkups to cure yourself from these creepy disease.

6 . Genetic – Sometimes it’s just genetic or heredity to make people underweight. Genetic means your parents give you some of their genes which make you unhealthy.

6 . Eating disorders – Eating disorders refers to some complex situation of the brain which requires medical treatment. Some eating disorders are Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, rumination.

How can you gain weight quickly in 2 days

Gain weight in just 2 days
Man doing exercise to gain weight

As we discussed the problem of underweight took some time to recover but these are the scientific and logical tips to gain weight here I am not suggesting you drugs and other harmful substance. Using these tips can solve your problem easily.

1 . Eat proper meal

One of the basic and common factors of low body weight is to skip meals or taking improper meals because of various reasons. People prefer other work more than eating his daily meal. Food is the source of energy and weight in your body.

it is not possible to gain weight without taking meals. Eating a proper diet sincerely results gain weight and provide energy to your body.

There is no rocket science behind this tip you have to take regular and proper meals for a muscular and healthy physique.

2 . More calories in food

Calories are the reason for more and more weight in the body so if an underweighted person takes high-calorie foods there will be more chance to get more weight quickly and safely with no risk factor involved.

Foods which contain high calories are potatoes Brown rice, Whole grains, and Breads

These are some examples of calorie-rich food they are tasty to eat and performs best in the field of gaining weight.

3 . Protein-rich diet

Proteins are very beneficial and essential for the human body proteins are popular because they provide mass to lean muscles and also protein gives high energy to the body. They repair our tissues very quickly so taking the protein is good for the human body.

Some protein rich food are Milk, Cheese, Fish, and Chicken

These are some food containing high protein energy which helps you to come over your body from low weight.

4 . Exercise

Exercise after taking high-energy food will definitely help you to increase muscle mass or body mass. Eating suggested food will give you a high level of energy and when you exercise your body to increase body mass there is no factor that can stop you from the gain weight.

But you have to practice only weight gain exercise which helps you to build your muscle and provide you better body shape.

Some exercise for weight gain are Push ups, Pull ups, Squat, Bench press and Bench dips

These are some best exercises because these exercises can practice at home. There is no need for professional trainers for suggestions and they are easy to do.

5 . Fatty and oily

Eat more oily and fatty food will give you more weight and a big body with big muscles. I am not suggesting you that eat junk and unhealthy food but I am suggesting you include avocado and olive oil in your food items.

Junk food is also oily and fatty food but these are very harmful to our digestive system eating regular junk food may result in acidity and headache.

So use healthy oily food in your meal and exercise regularly after eating this food it will give you an attractive shape.

6 . Avoid water

Yes! drinking water is better for health and water is necessary for the human body but drinking water before eating a meal fills your stomach and there is no space for food which gives you energy and increases your body mass.

So drinking water every time and before eating food will reason of less intake of food with high energy and more fat.

7 . Proper sleep

how to gain weight - take proper sleep

Taking proper sleep is a small but effective factor to increase weight. Taking improper sleep may cause stress and a poor digestive system.

These are some 2 biggest reasons for low weight in the body and when you take proper sleep there are high chances for better digestion of food and sleep is the solution of reducing stress also.

So you should take enough sleep to avoid these type of health issue.

8 . Burn Less eat more

When you burn calories more than or equals to what you eat it doesn’t increase your weight. There is no high IQ needed for this tip you just have to eat more calories than you burn. You should either work less or eat more calories.

But working hard with eating more calories is more working because when you work hard and eat more it gives strength and better shape to your body.

9 . Milk

Milk is very important for the body it is a complete food having full-fat milk is a panacea in weight gain. You should take milk at least 2 times a day if you want quick results.

You can eat the banana with a glass of milk this gives you extra weight with less time.

10 . Curd

Having a bowl of curd in the morning increases body mass. Curd is easy to digest and provides high energy for the full day.

11 . Weight gain shakes

Shakes give you energy for hard work and exercise also they do not have any dark side means they have no harm for the long run easy to make and more beneficial.

12 . Avoid smoke

Smoking is injurious to health first you feel relax while smoking then later it starts harming you. First respiratory system and lastly it destroys your whole body.

Also, it provides loss to the digestive system smoking stops organs to perform smoothly because while smoking the smoke travels in the entire body.

Than body start storing the smoke inside this may cause of your death.

13 . Eggs

It’s a great food to gain a healthy weight. Eggs provide proteins, vitamins and minerals eggs are tasty to eat. You can make them however you want to be fried or boiled. Eating at least 5 eggs in a day is beneficial.

14 . Meat

Meat is best for weight to gain quickly and it also provides a high level of energy in the body. Eating at least 4 times in a weak makes you bulk up.

15 . Eating schedule

Eating three times a day is not enough for the unhealthy or underweight person because a low weighted person needs extra proteins, calories, and energy. You can’t fill up your body with these elements by eating three times you should eat at least 5 to 7 times for best results.


Gaining weight is not an easy task but also is not an impossible task also gaining weight is pretty hard but these are some easy tips using consistently these tips make you successful in gain weight because consistency is the key to success.

Just keep your mind stable with your aim this will definitely bulk you up. Some skinny people need more days to gain body.

Want to reduce your stress

These are some useful tips by applying these technique in your life you will get a massive muscular body.

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