How to burn fat in body – just 3 days

Are you facing the problem of extra fat or obesity in your body? and want to burn fat in the body. So you are in right place. Take a chill pill and read this blog so, you will start burning fat in your body within just 3 days.

Body fat is one of the common problems in every country. The most asked question is How to burn fat in the body. Because With extra body fat you can’t do everything you wanna do. It also affects your physical appearance and excess body fat or body weight leads to many serious decease. Like,

Excess body fat can be the reason for your low confidence. When you are overweighted, people start judging you, so excess body fat also makes you less social or less friendly with other people. Burning fat in the body or lose weight is a little tough but not impossible. So, let’s start the topic about burning fat and losing weight in just 3 days with these simple steps.

This transformation is proof

Strength training to burn body fat

Strength training contracts the muscles against the resistance. Strength training improves strength and muscle mass it is very effective in burning body fat or losing weight. Mostly weight lifting used to gain muscle and burning fat in the body. There are different benefits of weight lifting(strength training) Like- increase energy in the body, provide strength to the body but, burning fat is the most special and likely benefit of strength training.

These are some strength training to burn fat

Relative Strength

Jump rope


Speed Strength

Starting Strength

High protein diet

Eating a high protein diet is beneficial because when you eat protein-rich food it fills you with energy and helps burn fat in your body. Also after taking high protein diet you avoid overeating and those type food element which can increase your fat.

A high protein diet gives you energy so you can do more exercise and burn more calories which leads to burning fat in the body. Most people avoid taking food when it comes to fat burn or loses weight, but when you start avoiding food and continuing your workout, it gives you body weakness in results.

So, protein food provides you energy to do your regular work and workout also. Here is a list of some rich-protein food that helps burn fat in the body.

Black beans

Lima beans




Drinks to burn fat

Drinks provide you instant energy and very beneficial in providing refreshment to your body. Also, they are very beneficial to burn fat in the body quickly. They have their role in burning body fat because Drinks are easy to consume and little amount of drink works hours for you. Many drinks are proven to burn fat.

List of some drink which is very beneficial in burning body fat

Green tea


Ginger tea

Apple cider vinegar

Black tea

Start running

Running is best to burn body fat because running burns your calories. Running is also best for your entire body it makes you strong internally and externally. There are different types of running low to hard but you should practice running according to your weight.

First, you should try a low level of running to burn fat in your body and then after some days you have to do some hard practice according to your body fat. Running require high energy so, you have to eat some energetic food and drinks with less fat. Here is a list of some type of running

Long Running

Recovery Running

Base Running

Tempo Running

Sprints Running

Swimming to burn fat in body

Swimming is an effective way to burn fat in the body. you have to start swimming early in the morning without eating it will reduce your fat by burning calories. Doing hard and fast swimming will burn your fat quickly. You should start swimming slowly if you are not an expert in swimming you can take a swimming class. Swimming has various benefits other than reducing fat like- Provide shape to your body, boost your stamina, and reduce stress levels too. Some types of swimming are






Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is such a good exercise to lose fat because it is effective to burn your calories within 10 minutes a day. Skipping rope is not only effective for the fat burn but also improves heart health, increases concentration and coordination. it also increases body flexibility and body stamina but reducing fat is the major benefit of skipping rope.

But also you should warm your body before this exercise for better result and should wear socks and shoes for injury prevention

10 minutes a day

Burn 10 calories in a minute

Effective to burn fat quickly

Also improve full body fitness

Play physical games

Burning fat with hard exercise is pretty hard and painful but if you play outdoor physical games this will give you fun and also reduce your body fat without any hard work. Physical games have a unique quality that they have too much exercise to do with playing the game just like – playing cricket include running, jumping, throwing, and much more. So this is fun with exercise. Here is a list of some games you can try to reduce your weight




Touch and run

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