How data mining is used – Best details of uses of data mining

Hello guys I am Shivanshu and I like to share my knowledge in front of the world. So in this article, I will inform you about how data mining is used in different areas.

First, let me tell you the actual meaning of data mining. It is a process in which companies extract useful data from vital data collected by the software. By which companies get to know more about their customers. Data mining is also known as Knowledge Discovery in Data ( KDD)

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Uses of data mining

It is used for many purposes and in many areas to enhance performance and give a better experience to customers.

So let’s take have a look at various uses of data mining in various fields.

Use of data mining in health sector


It is very useful in the healthcare sector because through (KDD) you can predict everything about your patients or needed equipment, etc.

Just take an example – Through data mining hospitals can predict the number of patients in each season. so they can collect and install the equipment at hospitals.

Hospitals can extract data about the category of the patients so they can modify their system according to future patient problems.

Suppose if (KDD) tells that there will be more COVID-19 patients in the future so, hospitals can add more staff of doctors who are COVID special or can install more beds for better hospitality.

This is the way by which health sector can optimize it’s performance.

Use to analyze market


Analyzing the market is a big deal because market trends and choices take changes regularly so, predicting future trends and current choices is quite tough but possible and easy by (KDD).

By reading the market and get out useful data from a huge database makes it easy to analyze the market needs.

Just take an example – A Confectioner sells almost every food item in his shop but the Confectioner is unaware about the latest and most likely food items which are mostly liked by his customers. So confectionery won’t last much.

But if the confectioner analyzes the market’s latest and most likely food by (KDD) this will boost his sale and profit as well.

Use of data mining in search engine

The search engine is properly based on data mining because everything you are looking at on the internet is the result of data mining. search engines like google use data mining every second.

Just like if you are reading this article by the organic search so you put a keyword about uses of data mining so google mine data from its database and show the best results.

Data mining technique used by search engine like google

1 . search engines look the keyword that user entered.

2 . then they crawl their database to find information about the keyword user entered.

3 . When search engines find the best information or result they list top results in front of users.

Users can click on any result. Look, the ranking criteria of the different platforms may be different but this is the most used data mining pattern or technique ever used by search engines and google.

Use in education


Education plays the most important part in the growth of society, economy, or country. Through (KDD), you can analyze the student’s behavior, their way of learning, required staff, etc

Different category of students have a different way of learning also different type of environment needed for a different type of subjects and there are much for factors which affect the study of students.

For a better future for students, we have to learn about the behavior and learning power of students and this is not possible just by some predictions.

To know the behavior, required environment, needed staff, and more factors that can improve the learning of students you can use data mining.

So These are some uses of Data mining.

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