Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

Cryptocurrency is really trending topic all over the world. In the past cryptocurrencies were spread like a fire in the jungle. but at the current time, peoples are extracting their investment from cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency taking market crash after china ban cryptocurrency. When this news broke out the investors got fear and start selling their bitcoin and converting their crypto to real currency. Now let’s take have a look at the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021.

Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021
Details of top 10 cryptocurrency


Bitcoin came into existence on 3 January 2009. According to researchers, the founder of bitcoin was Satoshi Nakamoto. The symbol of bitcoin is BTC.

Bitcoin is the first to have the highest present value. This cryptocurrency aims to become a global digital currency that is completely decentralized and not regulated. Despite the volatility of the market, Bitcoin is the most stable.

Although the name is synonymous with cryptocurrency, it is expected that the popularity, demand, and acceptance of Bitcoin will increase many times over the coming years. The future is already looming when companies open up to the idea of ​​accepting bitcoins as a means of payment.

  • The market cap of BTC is $764.45B.
  • The price of bitcoin is 40610$.
  • Change in 24 hours +5.40%
  • Change in 7 days -17.11%

Now it’s the current time result. bitcoin has the highest market cap. So it has high chances to be the Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021.


Ethereum launched on 30 July 2015. it is the most actively used blockchain. The founder of this cryptocurrency is Vitalik Buterin. The symbol of ethereum is ETH.

Ethereum was the first cryptocurrency to offer smart contracts that allowed developers to build decentralized desktop and mobile applications based on blockchain technology.

Ethereum has since maintained its position in major cryptocurrencies and has a loyal team of investors supporting this cryptocurrency. This means that after bitcoin, Ethereum has a better chance of stabilizing.

  • The market cap of ETH is $326.05B
  • The price of ETH is 2786$
  • Change in 24 hours +12.36%
  • Change in 7 days -25.87%

Binance coin

Binance coin was found in June 2017, Changpeng Zhao is the founder of Binance coin. The symbol of Binance coin is BNB

The market cap of BNB is $59.45B

The price of BNB is 388.29$

Change in 24 hours +9.33%

Change in 7 days -32.80%


First token of tether was issued on October- 6- 2014, The symbol of tether is USDT.

  • The market cap of USTD is $752.84B
  • The price of USTD is 1.0023
  • Change in 24 hours +0.02%
  • Change in 7 days +0.20%


The founder of Cardano is Charles Hoskinson. Was born on 5 November 1987. The symbol of Cardano is ADA.

It is an affordable cryptocurrency that is quickly becoming a cult favorite. Since its inception in 2015, it has become a major player in the market with its Oroboros blockchain, meaning that there are two blockchains instead of one.

Here one blockchain will handle common normal transactions while the other will handle smart contracts. The reasoning behind this is that Cardano has the ability to scale and stay fast.

  • The market cap of ADA is $55.46B
  • The price of ADA is 1.72389
  • Change in 24 hours +8.88%
  • Change in 7 days -6.48%


The founder of dogecoin is Billy Marcus. Dogecoin officially launched on December 6, 2013. The symbol of Dogecoin is DOGE.

First, the Redditors raised the price with new highs in around 2021 to avoid speculated short selling of Dogecoins by many Wall Street hedge funds. And then Elon Musk called that he is Dogefather

to further promote this cryptocurrency. While many support the lawfulness of this coin, Dogecoin continues to have its share of the market value.

In April 2021, Dogecoin hit a new high of $ 0.2917. After further steady growth, SpaceX from Elon Musk has now announced that it will accept Dogecoins as a payment method.

  • The market cap of DOGE is $39.83B
  • The price is DOGE is 0.305470′
  • Change in 24 hours -11.46%
  • Change in 7 days -35.61%


The founder of XRP is Chris Larsan and Jeb McCaleb. XRP also known as ripple stable launched on 15 May 2018.

Ripple is mentioned on this list because its attitude is a little different from the rest of the cryptocurrencies on this list. Ripple is a company-backed startup known for providing banks with financial processing services to enable transactions directly and instantly across national borders.

Over the years he has worked with major banks around the world, including Bank of America. This makes it ideal for institutional rather than personal investments.

  • The market cap of XRP is $36.82B
  • The price of XRP is $0.80205
  • Change in 24 hours -13.30%
  • Change in 7 days -41.32%

Internet Computer

  • The market cap of Internet computer is $17.58B
  • The price of internet computer crypto is $142.5
  • Change in 24 hours -8.58%
  • Change in 7 days -29.46%

This is a list of the top cryptocurrencies with their details now you can easily choose the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021.

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