Advantages and disadvantages of technology on society

Hello guys, As you all know technology is an essential part of human life at the current time. Because technology makes our work easy to do and gives us quick results. there are advantages and disadvantages of technology on society.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of technology on society because as experts say every existing beneficial thing has its drawback or disadvantage also.

There is no field in the whole world that is to abstain from technology. Everyone uses technology by considering its many benefits which are helpful to make their work effectively and efficiently.

But very few persons know the proper information about the technology they use also most of the humans didn’t know the disadvantages of technology.

Ex- Parent offers their children smartphones for better study and to gain extra knowledge for a better future. This is a great advantage of smartphone technology but also smartphones harm the human eye and also the radiation coming out from mobile networks harms the human body and environment.

Also, it harms nature. High radiation and more use of smartphone networks cause bird death.

Just like that, every technology has advantages and disadvantages too. Also, some of the technology has fewer advantages with more disadvantages like automatic guns and riffle.

Military use guns to protect us but terrorists and local criminal done their illegal activities by using these guns. So let’s take have a look at those advantages and disadvantages of technology on society you should know every time.

Advantages of technology

Advantages and disadvantages of technology on society

1 . Technology gives quick result

Technology Gives quick results and reduces the waste of time. we can do work within seconds. technology provides us the source where we can do work easily or can find the solution to every problem in such seconds.

Internet is the perfect example of this advantage because before the internet we have to take suggestions and solutions from experts which were not available 24 hours.

Internet is a place by which you are reading this article and you can explore the whole world at your home at any time.

The internet makes it possible, now every person is able to find the answer to any question even without giving any extra fees or without going anywhere else.

The Internet has a solution to every problem. You can study here or can discover the whole world. You can find routes and maps of every location just by clicking your mouse or smartphone screen.

So giving quick results is one of the biggest advantage of technology.

2 . Technology saves nature

Solar panel advantage of technology
House using solar panel it is an advantage of technology

Without nature, there is no existence of life on earth. Nature gives us every essential thing we need for living a life.

Technology like solar panel saves the environment and nature by producing electricity using solar energy or (sunlight).

Do you know generating electricity without solar panels is harmful to nature because Waste means used fuel in electricity making is too hot and highly radioactive? Hot water let out cause thermal pollution.

Also, accidental leakage of the radioactive substances may lead to destroy the nearby environment and can demolish the bird lives.

But the solar panel is the best technology to prevent this type of environmental harm. Solar panels do not produce any kind of pollution while generating electricity.

Producing electricity by sun heat is really the appreciable advantage of technology.

3 . Technology makes everyone able

Technology is really great because technology gives us a chance to become able to do anything and live a life like a normal person also when you are physically or mentally disabled.

In the past time when there was not enough technology for disabled people, the disabled person treats his life as a curse.

But at present time there are a lot of technologies that convert a disabled person into a normal person. Because of technology, there are a lot of devices and machines which perform as a disabled part of human.

Just like – artificial hands and artificial legs. They are just 2 examples of technology for disabled people. There is a lot more technology like – wheelchairs, walkers, machines for deaf people, goggles for week eyes, etc.

Technology has reached almost every sector to give must-needed things to humans.

These technologies fill the happiness in the life of those people who are unsatisfied with their life.

4 . Technology in transportation

Transportation is a very important technology for person society and the country. It means the whole world needs better transportation and it is possible because of technology.

In past, everyone has to travel long distances for at least 2 or 3 months according to distance. But now there are a lot of cars, railways roadways, planes which can transport people quickly.

Without these transportation technologies, we are unable to complete a journey at the current time.

People have to complete the long journey in months without these transportation technologies where now it is possible to complete the same journey within some hours.

Ex – traveling country to country took approx. 9 to 10 months without these transportation but with the help of these technologies like planes we are ready to travel county to country within a maximum of 8 to 10 hours.

So you can imagine how transportation technology is a big requirement of society.

5 . Technology for communication

Without communication, there is no possibility of advancement in and country, society, and in every area of the world. In the current world, communication is very easy, fast, and accurate.

Everyone can communicate and contact everywhere in the world it is possible because of communicational technology.

It was very typical for everyone to communicate through letters because they were too late and costly to use.

But at this time you can contact to anyone within seconds without waiting.

In past, you can contact and communicate with any person just by written or through letters which did not give any satisfaction in communications.

By Mobile phones you can easily communicate without wasting your time and money.

One of the most liked and effective communication technology is that you can communicate however you want. You can communicate using voice, video, and messages.

Technology for agriculture

Agriculture is essential for everyone. There is no life in the absence of agriculture so advancement in agriculture is necessary.

Farming nowadays is very easy in comparison to past time because of new technologies and machinery.

Farmers can work without wasting unwanted time energy and money. New machines like harvester and tractors make farming good and effective.

Technology gives a new future to farmers now farmers can grow more food materials in less land

Disadvantages of technology

Advantages and disadvantages of technology on society- using technology at night
using technology at night is harmful

1 . Technology waste time

Yes, technology wastes our time but the question is in the above advantages I mentioned that technology saves our time so how it can be possible to technology waste and save our time?

Look people use technology every time for their enjoyment. Technology like Smartphone Gadgets Video games Internet television was made because human enjoyment is a boring time.

But people use them in their priceless and precious time.

People use these technologies most of the time because they get addicted to them and waste their important time by just playing games watching serials and movies etc.

They use technology for only their fun and joy not to take knowledge from it. People use them in work and study time also at their sleeping time.

Actually, mobile phones, televisions, and other gadgets are made in our favor but addiction and extra usage of anything push you into darkness.

So use these technologies in a systematic manner for a better life.

2 . Technology make society depress

depressed kid - disadvantages of technology on society

Technology is a great thing technology refresh out or can make our mood but this is one of the biggest reason for stress and depression. How?

See, when you play games you feel fresh when you watch tv serials you get joy. But when you play games every time and watch serial every time this makes you stressed because you got addicted to them losing a game is really stressful for a kid.

People use their technology at their bedtime this makes people eyes problems and without proper sleep out brain get disturbed so we lose the ability to concentrate and unable to do work with our full energy

This causes failures in work and the human study said that failure is the biggest reason for stress and depression.

Also using these technologies every time makes you physically unattractive. Using mobiles and gadgets every time may lead to weakness and dark circles.

So when you use these technologies in the proper way technology gives you better results but using them improperly or every time may lead to bad for you.

3 . Technology distract society from work and study

Technology is the biggest reason for the distraction of society from their work and student from their study because of modern gadgets, television, and video games, etc.

Video games and entertaining devices are very engaging so people get to engage in these types of gadgets and devices every time.

If they want to focus on work and study the addiction of these devices attract peoples. And the addiction and attraction of these kinds of devices are very high.

So people leave their work because of these technology-based devices. People lost their other interests just like – playing outside, reading books, etc.

They lost their goals and ambitions. Because people spend their time playing video games, operating social media, watching mobile phones and television.

So society is giving more importance to these technologies, not to their work and study.

4 . Technology is reducing creativity of society

As everyone knows that the modern gadgets and technology is so attractive, engaging and fun to use that is the reason for technology is reducing creativity of peoples.

Creativity refers to do something different and new with interesting ideas. Creativity means finding something new using unique ideas and mindsets. Converting your unique idea into reality called creativity.

This idea comes from concentration and deep thinking but our society is engaged in enjoying modern technology’s devices. They are trapped in addiction to these technologies. People have no time for thinking some creative and new.

Because they spend all their time using devices and playing games. They cut off their needed activity for just playing games and watching T.V and all.

So their mind is just busy to make the fun of technology not to think something different and do some creative things.

5 . Technology makes society less social

friends using mobile phone - disadvantage of technology
Friend are not talking to each other because they are busy in mobile phones

Technology makes society less social because technology is interesting and engaging.

Peoples are always busy using mobile phones and modern devices so they have no time and interest to spend time with others.

We know that technology gives us a great time experience when we operate them but technology is less important than our friends and family.

Most of the people spend their whole day playing games or using the latest devices they have no curiosity in relatives and family.

6 . Addiction of technology

People are addicted to technology. People cannot live without technology their first preference is using mobile phones, playing games and watching T.V.

Everywhere you go you will see every person is busy in using mobile phone and gadgets people use mobile phone also when there is no need of use.

They use the phone just because of their addiction to mobile phones. Eating in a peaceful environment is very important but peoples always watch T.V. and mobile phones while eating.

You can use these technologies when you are alone or bored. But people use technology also when they need peace.

7 . People use technology everywhere

People use technology everywhere just like if you go bus stand and universities and other places you will find that there are most of the people busy with mobile phones.

There are other things to do when you feel bored or when you find refreshment. You can read books and magazines also you can talk to your friends to refresh your mood.

But because technology is addictive people use only technology instead of reading books or talking with friends.

restaurants are made to provide you your best choices of food but People didn’t even leave the restaurants. They use mobile phones even on food platforms.

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